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Day Care for Adults in the Mississippi Golden Triangle

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Beautiful Life Adult Day Center

Serving Caregivers and Those They Love

Conveniently located in Columbus, Mississippi, Beautiful Life Adult Day Center serves the entire Golden Triangle. We offer a wide range of therapeutic activities and social services to help participants maintain their independence and avoid or delay institutional placement in a nursing home or assisted living home.

Beautiful Life specializes in serving both caregivers and those they love. Both seniors and young adults with special needs are able to maintain a sense of independence while interacting with others.

Peace of Mind

You can relax knowing your loved ones are enjoying themselves in a safe and secure environment. A nurse is always to duty to handle medical emergencies. Medications can be monitored to ensure clients take them as prescribed. Transportation is available.

Reliable Support

Are you tired of your in-home sitter canceling on you because their child was sick or car broke down? Why rely on one person when you can rely on a team? We are always open during business hours. You don’t have to miss work or cancel appointments!

Flexible Terms

Everyday, three times a week, twice a month, it’s up to you. There’s no minimum attendance. Clients come as often as they want or need. We understand that people sometimes have other obligations or don’t always feel well. We’re here when you need us.

Free Transportation

Beautiful Life provides handicap accessible vehicles for transporting clients to and from their house and the Center, Doctor office visits, hospitals, lab, radiology, post office, utility payment centers, banks, Social Security office and the grocery store. This service is a standard feature of Beautiful Life.

Nutrition Services

Meals include a light breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Menus follow USDA guidelines and are approved by a Registered Dietician. All meals are served hot and fresh and prepared onsite using ServSafe® practices. Alternative meals are available for clients with special dietary needs based on health or religion.

Health Services

General Health Assessment, Vital Signs, Medication Monitoring, Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ambulating, toileting, feeding), First Aid, Health Education, Blood Sugar Checks, and Diabetic Foot Checks — Beautiful Life’s staff nurse will maintain open communication between the participant’s doctor and the client/caregiver.

Therapeutic Activities

Fun activities are planned each month by the Activities Director. The activities are structured so that our participants receive cognitive stimulation, physical exertion, hand/eye coordination, social interaction, and exercise of all five senses. Examples include picnics, coffee socials, group games, group singing, exercise, monthly birthday parties, arts and crafts, schoolroom learning, devotions, word searches, field trips, gardening, community involvement, cards and BINGO.

Social Services

Many participants at Beautiful Life do not have nearby family members or in-home caregivers to assist with their care. Beautiful Life often helps clients arrange Doctor visits, secure assistance through community programs, advocate with Social Security issues, and advise on available community resources and assistance services. Specific examples include acquiring wheelchairs, walkers, dentures, and other vital health, financial and social resources.

Other Services

These services are just a few of the many benefits that we offer at Beautiful Life Adult Day Center. We care about our participants and look for ways to enrich their lives both as individuals and as members of our community. We provide a way for our participants to avoid loneliness by being part of a supporting group of friends. To expand these horizons, Beautiful Life also works with local charities and other community groups.

Benefits of Beautiful Life Adult Day Center

Secure Environment
Medicaid Covered
Private Insurance Covered
Personal Freedom
Health Monitoring
Healthy Diet
Caregiver Respite
Getting Out of the House
Social Interaction
Mental Stimulation
Free Transportation


  • Gives relief to caregivers.
  • Allows caregivers to work knowing their loved ones are safe and attended to.

With the average in-home sitter agencies charging $16 per hour, BLADC is a much more cost effective alternative with rates of $48 per day or $30 per half day. Other payment options are Medicaid, VA, and most Private Insurance with Long Term Care as part of its policy. Independent research indicates that Adult Day Services are approximately ½ the cost of Assisted living or Home Health and ¼ the cost of Nursing Home Care. (See Genworth’s comparison of costs for Mississippi and across the nation.)


  • Alternative to spending time home alone
  • Engaging — clients are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone to stimulate cognitive and physical activity. Even clients that do not directly participate in activities are still benefited from just being an observer.
  • Social interaction that you don’t get from an in-home sitter
  • Being stimulated in a social environment has been proven to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Remain active
  • Remain a part of the community
  • Delay or prevent institutional living allowing people to continue living at home and with family
  • Reduced risk of being readmitted to a hospital after the initial discharge
  • Increased Independent Living
  • Reduced depression

Daily Schedule


Our Services Include FREE Transportation!

Talk with our friendly staff to see if Beautiful Life is right for you.

How the Idea for Beautiful Life Started

While living in Texas, Jennifer was working a fulltime job as a Nurse and was taking on a full time class load as a student pursuing her educational requirements to become a Nurse Practitioner. This left very little time for her to take care of her elderly parents which moved in with her.

Her father was suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and her mother was too feeble to care for him alone. Jennifer found help from an Adult Day Center. Jennifer was now able to remain enrolled in college and pay the bills all while knowing that Mom and Dad were safe and enjoying themselves. The Center was able to give her father the assistance he required and her mom attended because she enjoyed the socialization and fun activities.

As time passed, Jennifer would often volunteer at the Center where she noticed how not only her parents, but all the clients truly enjoyed attending. Jennifer experienced firsthand the help received by caregivers and the enjoyment her parents and other clients experienced from attending. Because of this, she developed the dream of one day owning her own Adult Day Center where she would be able to give back to other families the same level of love, help, and care that she had once received.

After marrying Eddie in 2003, they relocate to Columbus, MS in 2005. Once in Columbus, they noticed there were no adult day centers in the area so they decided to open one. The opportunity to open presented itself in 2007 and Beautiful Life Adult Day Center went from a dream to a reality.

Columbus, MS

Beautiful Life Adult Day Center
1551 2nd Ave. North
Columbus, MS 39701

Beautiful Life Adult Day Center
National Adult Day Services Association member
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Our Services Include FREE Transportation!

Talk with our friendly staff to see if Beautiful Life is right for you.